• Image of Leather Solitaire Ring With Focal Background

This is my popular leather solitaire ring, but with an added layer.

(The picture shows two rings - but the purchase is for ONE ring. I just threw two in the picture because I thought it looked pretty. To be clear: this is for ONE ring, not two.)

If you give me extra time, I can also make this ring for you in the birthstone color of your choice - please message me, when ordering, and let me know what color that would be.

Another question I get asked all the time is this: "What about hand washing?"

I leave my leather rings on, when I wash my hands. Not when I shower or bathe, obviously, but I leave them on when washing and even sanitizing my hands - which I do a lot, what with a new grand baby. Remember: leather is "skin". It can take it. My own leather rings that I personally wear have, so far, been worn daily for about 2 years, with great results.