• Image of "Mary" 10x13"giclee

A beautiful 10x13 gallery wrap giclee of my original work entitled "Mary".

From my book "The Women of Advent", this is another interpretation of Mary, mother of Jesus (I did one years ago - original sold, prints still available in my shop).

She was so young. I often think of that instant....that moment...seconds before the angel appeared with news that would change all of us forever.

Since I'm obsessed with faces, I often wonder what her expression was, just before. We know she was alone. This is that moment, as I imagine it.

None of us get advance notice. None of us are told, moments before an unexpected, life altering event, "here it comes". We all have our unanticipated appointment...we all have that one, last, final moment with our "ordinary face" before joy or pain or wonder marks us forever.

Far from being dark thoughts, I consider them to be enchanting.