• Image of "Second Flora" original

Second Flora is rendered in acrylic and watercolor, with gestural marks of graphite and charcoal, on medium weight 9x12.5" paper - (unlike her sister "First Flora" {sold} which was rendered on canvas, now available as a giclee) -

Featured as an inset in my book "The Women of Advent", Second Flora represents a woman's persistence. Rendering flowers had long been a nemesis for me, until I simply "kept at it" painting probably a hundred flowers before I began to love what came out of my brush.

"Second Flora" is compatible with the giclee of "First Flora". They would look beautiful hanging on the same wall. "Second Flora" original comes with a pretty decorative tape trim that you can leave as is, or you or your framer can cut away.

Also available as an 8x10" print. Choose below.