• Image of "The Medici Fountain Dove"

This print is from the (sold) original by the same name. It was part of my "Painting-a-Day, Paris" promotion.

There I was, in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, standing before the Medici Fountain...a beautiful monument, really. As I looked all around me, soaking in the sights and sounds, I spied a tiny stock dove, nestled in the hollow of a tree beside this historic monument.

There SHE was, in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, making her home in one of the most expensive zip codes on earth, yet living simply and elegantly and seemingly unaware of all the pomp and circumstance surrounding her. And then, she called out - that distinct, dove-call.

Something about her became the spectacle for me. She somehow embodied Paris, those gardens, and France. Her quiet, peaceful call will never be forgotten.

*printed on archival, heavy weight textured paper