• Image of "Time to Fly" 12x12" giclee

Wings have always been a strong theme in my designs. As a woman who "found her wings", so to speak, in middle age - I am partial to adding a wing here or there in my mixed media art.

I also believe that a woman can find her wings at any age - and it is my strong desire to help young girls learn to be brave and to "fly". No one has to wait until she is over forty...although flying is lovely, however young or old you might be!

Rendered in acrylics, oil pastel, pan pastels, charcoal, willow stick, and scripted in India ink, this painting simply says - in an arc, over her wing, "...she knew it was time to fly...".

This piece is full of layers and texture, and has a gorgeous iridescent quality because of the paint palette I chose. I can't get a photograph to do justice to it, but hopefully you can get somewhat of an idea.